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Revealed: Lewis Hamilton played a cruc

ial role in Mercedes' Monaco GP debacleLewis Hamilton playpk10玩法分享

ed a crucial role in the disastrous decision to pit in Monte Carlo, according to radio messages heard by Mirror Sport. Until now the blame has been squarely taken by the Mercedes strategy team and their management. But 

Mirror Sport has learned the team initially ordered Hamilton to STAY OUT when the safety car was deployed. But they changed their minds when he radioed: “Are you sure it’s the best thing to stay out ? These

tyres have lost all their temperature and everyone else is going to be on [faster] options now.” The reply was: “Ok, copy, copy. Box. Box.” Last night a team spokesman said: “Lewis had his input but we make the decision and we got the calculations wrong. We win as a team and lose as a t

eam.” In pictures - The Monaco Grand Prix: Monaco Formula One Grand PrixView gallery poll loadingWill L

ewis Hamilton still win the F1 World Championship?1000+ VOTES SO FARYESNO