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?Recently, with the support of Dalian Commodity Exchange, the claim settlement ceremony of "Yangyuan corn ipk10精准9码雪球 ncome insurance project" jointly carried out by CIC Tianqi futures and PICC was held in Yangyuan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. This project is the record project of "farmers' income guarantee plan" of dashangsuo in 2123, with a total claim amount of 255500 yuan. Relevant leaders and representatives of Yangyuan County People's government, PICC Zhangjiakou branch and CIC Tianqi futures attended the ceremony. According to reports, Yangyuan County is the nearest national poverty-stricken county to the capital, and it is also a deep poverty-stricken county in Hebei Province. The main economic source of local farmers is corn planting. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out the project of corn "insurance futures" in the local area to promote the derivatives market to help poverty alleviation. The corn income insurance project is based on the corn price insurance in 2124. According to the local average per mu yield and the price of corn 2212 contract of Dalian Commodity Exchange at the time of issuance, the target income is determined to be 355.54 yuan per mu. 23355 insured households are poor households with filing and card establishment, involving more than 40000 mu of corn planting area and more than 20000 tons of corn production. It is understood that Yangyuan County People's government subsidized 25% of the project premium. Although corn prices rose during the insurance period, local corn production declined due to severe weather such as rainstorm and gale during the planting period. In this case, compared with the pure price insurance, the income insurance has a better effect on the protection of farmers' income, which is conducive to the poverty alleviation of poor households.