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?Two situations mentioned in why I escaped from the driverless car company are worthy of attention: one is that there are some "cheat companies" in the field of automatic driving, which is worthy of vigilance; the other is that in the development of technology, the decision-making of local governments is becoming more and more mature, which is gratifying. These two days, an article called "why do I run away from the driverless car company" is hot on the Internet. This article, which is narrated in programmer's voice, tells the story that the boss of an unmanned car company uses the unmanned car as a tool to trap money, swindles employees internally, tries to deceive local governments externally, and waits for the state-owned car enterprises to accept the offer, but it fails in the end. "Liar" driverless car company's bosha game, a company almost based on lies, although "someone drives", it is undoubtedly not driving on the right way. From the content of the article, the founder of this driverless company is playing a "Bo silly game" to get rich. Although the article is just a statement, combined with many negative news recently exposed by the unmanned vehicle company, the phenomenon of "BOSAN" described by the "engineer" may also reflect some reality of the current automatic driving industry. Bosu theory refers to that in capital markets such as stock market and futures market, people are willing to pay a high price for something regardless of its real value because they expect a bigger fool to buy it at a higher price. In the technology pc28蛋蛋走势图下载安装 venture capital market, the same is true.