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Turkish knife gang stabbed me in heart for nothingDanny Binks and his girlfriend wanted nothing more than a relaxing week in the sun when they booked a summer holiday to Turkey. But on only the second night of their trip Danny was fighting for his life. The innocent tourist was stabbed four times, once through the heart, after he was falsely accused of stealing a watch from a shop. Many people assume that young British men who end up injured abroad must have brought it on themselves somehow, perhaps getting involved in a drunken bar brawl or arguing over a girl. But Danny was set upon by a 15-strong gang of thugs armed with metal pipes and a broken bottle despite proving he had not taken a watch. And he says it was the shopkeeper who inflicted the near-fatal blow that pierced his heart. A Turkish surgeon who saved his life in a six-hour operation told him afterwards that if the wound had been only 5mm deeper he could not have survived. “I thought I was going to die,” says Danny. “I was scared. I thought, ‘Is this it? Is this how my life is going to end?’ ” Danny, 20, a self-employed joiner from Blackpool, is the lastest British victim of violent crime in Turkey, where 2.5 million Britons go each year in search of sunshine. Earlier this month brothers Danny and Ben Slade, from Ashford, Surrey, were stabbed during an argument over sunbeds at a luxury hotel in the same seaside town of Bodrum. And in June Scottish t

een Callum Copson was lucky to survive a stabbing over a faulty handbag in Marmaris. Danny appreciates how lucky he was to survive. Smiling through: Danny in hospital He and girlfriend Remi Simpson arrived in Bodrum on July 3 and were making the most of their time together before her family flew out to join them. Remi explains: “We had been out for dinner together on the second night and it had been a lovely romantic evening. Turkey was beautiful. On the way back to the hotel we decided to have a look round the shops because Danny wanted to buy me a present. We had no idea we were in a dangerous

area.” Danny bought a few items from a tourist shop, then they went to a chemist’s to get suncream for the next day. But as they left the store and started down a winding alley back to their hotel, the first shopkeeper followed them and started yelling accusations at Danny. “He was shouting at me in English that I’d stolen a watch,” he say. “I insisted I hadn’t taken anything and even allowed him to search me. Of course, he found nothing, but I was starting to panic. I had heard horror stories about people being arrested abroad for no reason.” Then as he started to walk away a gang of thugs appeared from round the corner. Before he could say a word they pounced on Danny and starting laying into him with metal poles. Remi could not get near him to help and could only stand and scream. Then just as he thought he could make a break for it and get away, Danny says the shopkeeper stepped forward and stabbed him four times. It was only when he looked down腾讯分分彩回血经验 he realised how bad his injuries were. “I couldn’t tell I’d been stabbed at first. Maybe it was because of all the adrenaline of being beaten up but I didn’t feel it. But then I loo

ked down. They’d ripped my T-shirt off and I could see I was bleeding hard, which I now know was because they had gone through the arteries. All I remember is trying to put pressure on the wounds. I’ve never felt pain like it.” Visibly sh

aken as he recounts the terrifying experience , he adds: “I was scared for Remi because I didn’t w

ant them to do what they did to me, to my girl.” Before: Danny and Remi

prior to the attac

k (Image: SWNS) Remi adds: “It was the most terrifying experience of our lives. One minute we were happily mooching around the shops and the next an angry shopkeeper was chasing us. Then out of nowhere Danny was stabbed. It happened so fast – I was praying he would be okay but there was blood everywhere. “The attack must have only lasted three or four minutes but it felt like hours. I felt so helpless even though I tried to scream at the men to stop. “I thought I was going to be physically sick. As I cradled him his T-shirt was soaked in blood and it was pouring out of his wounds. I thought he might die in my arms.” As Danny lay bleeding, close to unconsciousness, Remi raced back to the chemist, where staff called an ambulance. In hospital

doctors found one strike from the broken bottle had punctured his heart, another had punctured his liver and arteries had been severed too, leading his left lung to collapse. Remi says: “During his operation I was worried sick. All I kept thinking was, ‘Will he pull through – have they killed him?’ It was hell. “As soon as he came out of theatre into intensive care I sat by his bedside and held his hand until he woke up.” Danny says: “When I came round I thought, ‘Thank God I’m still here’. And I’ve thought that every day since.” When the surgeon explained how he had been just 5mm from death, Danny turned to his girlfriend of 12 months and asked her to marry him. “I was still unsure if I was going to live. Remi’s my first love and I know I wanted to be with her forever,” he says Remi said yes immediately. She recalls: “He was groggy at first but after a while he turned to me and said the attack had made him realise that life is too short, then he proposed. She adds: I was completely taken aback but over the moon.

I said yes and burst into tears. Just seconds later I was ushered out of the room because visiting hours were over, but I was still the happiest girl in the world.” Despite initial fears that they would have to pay Danny’s 50,000 medical bills, their insurance company paid up and when Danny was ready to return home a month after the attack a British doctor was flown out to Turkey to accompany him on the four-h

our flight in case his health deteriorated. Bu

t the couple still cannot make sense of how their dream holiday turned into such a nightmare so quickly. Remi says: “You read horror stories all the time about Brits abroad, but you never think anything like this could happen to you. It was like a really bad dream. Strong: Danny and Remi after his recovery (Image: SWNS) Brits need to be careful when they are there – we must be the easiest targets.” Turkish police, who have totally vindicated Danny over the accusation of stealing a watch, have arrested a man in connection with the attack. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism said: “We can confirm that Daniel Jordan Binks was injured in an incident in Turkey’s resort town of Bodrum on 4 July. The Ministry sends its best wishes for Daniel’s speedy recovery. “The chief suspect in the incident has been arrested, question

ed and subsequently released on the orders of the prosecutor while a full investigation is under way.” But Danny wants more to be done. He says: “There are 14 of my attackers still at large and these are dangerous individuals who should be held accountable for their actions.” Though slowly recovering from his physical injuries, he is still in pain and struggles to catch his breath. He has been told it will take him at least four months to recover– and he fears the psychological wounds will take much longer to heal. “I’ve been offered counselling, but I’d rather try and get through it myself.” he says. “But it’s changed me. It’s affected my confidence. It might sound silly, because I’m back home, but I really don’t want to go out. “I’m taking it day by day and hoping it gets better. But as much as I try not to think about it, I find myself replaying it. “It’s still raw and hard to forget. All the time it comes round and I realise how lucky I am to be here.”